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Step 1: Brainstorm - How can we maximize our market share in a tough economy?
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Electronic Flip Chart This session is anonymous. The following 47 items have been contributed to this Topic:
246 different tools
his session is anonymous. The following 46 items have been contributed to this Topic:
245 electronic billing
244 Sustainability importance
243 Thermal Heat Recovery
242 Metrics
241 Use open source technologies to scale-up your business
Open Source will help you Boost up your business
238 Custormer Satisfaction Rating Scheme
Survey customers on satisfaction level of different tools that we deliver. Always working to improve on whatever situations are ranked the lowest.
228 Provide practical detailed examples of your products solving real problems
217 relate product to customer ROI
215 a valuable contribution, Over the yrs. everything has gotten turn around. If you have to bribe people into our establishment, then we must be doing something wrong. We have created a society that will not buy anything, unless they feel like they are
getting something for free, or the must have a COUPON, with ex amount off before they will buy from us. It's time to get back to basics. Nothing is free. That is the biggest lye in the universe. I know, but everybody loves to get something fro free. Well like I said, nothing is free, it may be included, but it is not free. jus because the money, did not come out of my pocket. It won't be an easy job, but never the less it will in the long run worth it. re establish old school principles. Creating customers for life, because the love what you do, and how you do it.
214 Get back to basics. Focus on the customers need. It's not all about the monet. persona lise custome service. Tell the people what you do and do it, then give themsometing estra.. Customer must feel at home,like he is a part of the family, and is maki
213 Network at professional organizations to meet new clients
Attend professional org meetings for groups that are our potential clients.
211 Select the right partner that has the appropriate tool set and support

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  1. Conduct a Partner pre-qualification assessment
  2. Review and Analyse the Partners Tool Set and appropriateness for the business
  3. Review and Analyse the Partners Support Services and appropriateness for the business
192 Bring chocolate to the meeting!
Chocolate provides attendees with a positive micro-moment during what may be otherwise a difficult meeting with many important decisions. Micro-moments allow our brains to pause and resume working at a high quality performance level.
189 Look for adjacencies
Identify where we can expand in markets adjacent to our current that might be more accepting of new products/services.
144 Leverage crowd-sourcing sites to solicit feedback from current or past customers, e.g., Yelp
This assumes you believe you will generate mostly positive feedbacks which will encourage new customers to try your service
130 Clarify individual roles and align all on project prioritization
Create an organizational network of all individuals to analyze how individuals/roles currently interact.
129 Drive our Down-stream business (financing and after sales)
We need to focus on our after sales business stronger only 20% of the total life-cycle value generation of a vehicle is in the actual price. Another 20% lies in the financing business and anther 30 % lies in the after sales and servive
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  1. Maybe this is specific to the automotive industry only. Any idea how this works in consumer goods?
124 Teach, Tailor,Take Control as suggested in the Challenger Sale
Teach something that is commercially useful to their business, lead them towards a solution that we have, control the direction of the sale through the pipeline and inform the customer of what the next steps will be.
117 Use personal approaches to target a smaller, under-served market with highly-tailored products and services.
Example: A chain of auto parts stores catering specifically to women's preferences and needs.
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  1. How about a "highway family stop" that is similar to the "truck stop" concept, but geared toward those traveling with children? Would include highly-physical activities for kids, well beyond what the fast-food chains offer.
  2. Totally agree
59 Product Innovation
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  1. New product innovation
    - Ensure that the product offers unique solutions to common problems.
    - Innovative products
    We can introduce innovative products that diferentiate us from the other -
    - Have something unique and different about our product that no one else has for the same amount of money as similar products. -
  2. Leading-edge technology
    Invest in science research and experiments for further developing
57 strategic sales planning
- low cost promotion e.g.use of social media
- price cutting e.g. provide coupons after purchasing -> enhance re-buying behavior
55 Look for partnerships that are a value-add for both organizations.
Rather than re-inventing the wheel, could look to one or two partnerships to add value in our current areas of strength.
54 Use grassroot campaigns

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  1. Difficult to engage with many issues which are reported at a national or regional level - transpose to a local level for increased engagement?
53 Cut down on transport costs
If supermarkets boughts from the farmers directly less carbon from transport would be produced
50 Add Social Media to our marketing mix
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  1. Get personal
    Use social media to build more of a rapport with customers
  2. Get a Facebook page
    Get fans, add promotions, start a blog, tweet, etc.
    - How could this stand out from other campaigns?
    - Social media strategy needs to be tied to overall marketing strategy
49 Leverage technology
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  1. Invest more money in Information technology

  2. use more information systems to save cost
    especially for those task supporting sale
47 survey customers
what is working, suggestions for improvements
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  1. Implement a customer advisory board
46 Sales
Provide additional training opportunities for our new and existing sales people. Current training is out of date and some sales reps have not been fully trained in our new range of products.
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  1. look at online training options
  2. View the training as a continuum over several months, with commitment to provide ongoing support for those who need it.
  3. Make attendance of training to be held quarterly mandatory.
45 Sell the personal services angle rather than the retail goods angle
Promote products as solutions rather than commodities and services as rewards for saving on goods/stuff. Always focus on customer demands and attach customer feedback options to every sale with an invitation to consider how we could do better. Create the concept of becoming their 'local' supplier as close as the internet!
43 Revise sales territories to more manageable size
Current geographic territories lead to uneven work loads. Some areas are too heavily covered and others are too sparse. Define territories based on market potential.
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  1. Good idea
  2. What is manageable?
  3. Timeline?
42 Minimize packaging
Less packaging costs less money so we retain more profit
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  1. Feasibility may be an issue here, worth discussing
  2. Also good for the environment - another marketing angle perhaps
  3. How about just sell the package - no product - kids will love it
  4. comment # 3 - brilliant :)
39 Online discussion forum - come meet other users of our products
Using online meeting tools (such as FacilitatePro!) to engage our customers in live discussion forums. Sharing ideas about how our products are being used.
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  1. Question and answer session with our experts.
  2. Test these ideas out with some of our current customers.
  3. Send them an online survey to find out what agenda items they would be most intersted in.
  4. To sell more to our current customers and provide an additional service that we can market to future customers.
  5. Customers are great sales people!
38 Sponsor conferences and attend as speakers
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  1. But this will decrease profits by increasing expenditure
  2. Or it will increase profits by adding more clients.
  3. Expenses for conferences are not that high. I've spoken at a couple and you basically do it for free. Your reward is the exposure you get for you and your brand. Basically you pay for space and catering (often the space is free with the catering). Charge enough to recoup the cost.
36 Monthly newsletter for our customers
Email format provides cost effective way of distributing this.
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  1. Inform of special offers and new products/services.
  2. Featured customer of the month.
  3. Customer success stories - how our customers are using our products.
  4. Feature customer informaiton as a marketing tool
  5. Good Ideas. Be sure information is focused and relevant, otherwise there is risk that this is just another spam email.
  6. High frequency, low value newsletters may lead to lack of engagement.
  7. This will improve the fidelity of our customers
34 Use a combination of blended learning ideas
virtual classroom
ILT (Information and Learning Technology)
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  1. Yes, and FacilitatePro is a good example of this kind of learning technology - designed to support both in-person and virtual learning activities, both real-time and asynchronous. Some ideas available in our whitepaper "Designing Interactive Webinars" (click here). Come participate in a free webinar to see some of these ideas in action and contribute your own (click here). Julia Young,
  2. the idea makes sense
31 Strengthen business relationships to such an extent that competition is no longer relevant.
Consistent, frequent and regular contact with customers reinforcing how much the relationship matters (not the next sale) will turn satisfied customers into loyal customers. Loyal customers are more profitable and will recommend our firm to others increasing referral sales.
29 Get the customer perspective -- what would add value right now.

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  1. Let's do a focus study!
  2. How about a virtual focus group? We could connect by teleconference and use FacilitatePro to support the process for a combination of good discussion and online data gathering - whether idea generation, text comments, voting/prioritizing or a formal survey. Hmm, some good possibilities here... I like the idea of creating a geographically mixed group at virtually no cost. We could include video clips, etc. I think I will investigate further.
26 Revisit this question at least once a quarter -- keeping ideas current
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  1. invite sales force to participate
  2. invite product development and training staff also
  3. have management provide direct feedback to participants about action items that have been taken as a result of the ideas generated.
  4. online meeting tools facilitate gathering, prioritizing and publishing of action plans (just as we are doing with this agenda)
  5. yes, and consider this an on-going process rather than an event
24 Stay close to our existing clients
Find ways to stay in touch with existing clients by adding value. Even if they are constrained by budgets, when things free up you will still be on their radar screen.
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  1. Increase "customer share" - find other departments or teams inside current clients who are facing similar problems that you can help them with
16 Focus on the Mission Critical Processes
Everyone is looking for a competitive advantage over their competition. focus on a small number of the most critical business processes - e.g. Business acquisition, proposal design, Strategic Account planning
14 Look at consultants from other industries for ideas

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  1. I like this idea. Looking at what others are doing and seeing how their approaches might inform our own. Our solutions may not look exactly the same but it would help us think "out-of-the-box."
13 Develop a set of criteria for ecosystem services that can be easily measured

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  1. This can be across multiple environments
  2. Great Idea for Canada
  3. Use paperless tracking
9 Increase sales coverage - more feet on the street

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  1. Or more eyes on the screen - there are new ways to use Internet marketing and social networking to get visibility to products and services without leaving home. How might we put more "feet on the street" by getting more virtual sales representatives involved?
5 Make sure we are really serving a need.
It is easy to lose focus when times are good. Hard times cause you to re-focus on whether you are really providing a real need.
3 Research other web sites and offer reciprocal links
Increase chances of our targeted customers finding us on the web by requesting reciprocal links with other web-sites that these customers will also be looking at.
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  1. contact our current customers to find out what they are reading and their favorite web resource sites.
  2. look at industry association web sites
  3. good idea
1 Create shared learning teams among sales reps across regions
Keep sales force sharing ideas amongst each other. Use online learning teams to enable collaboration and sharing of ideas and success stories.
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  1. search for technology to support this.