Step 2: Categorize Solution Ideas - What themes or areas of focus emerge?
Our original brainstorming problem statement was: How can we maximize our market share in a tough economy? Now we have identified themes and moved items into those categories.

Electronic Flip Chart This session is anonymous. The following 13 items have been contributed to this Topic:
Web Site Marketing
1 Update our web site
Add some new and more interesting content to keep bringing current and potential customers back.
  1. case studies
  2. tips and techniques
  3. articles and links to other interesting site.
2 Revisit web site indexing and key words
Are we best positioned with the major search engines? Look at benefits of buying keyword positioning.
3 Research other web sites and offer reciprocal links
Increase chances of our targeted customers finding us on the web by requesting reciprocal links with other web-sites that these customers will also be looking at.
  1. contact our current customers to find out what they are reading and their favorite web resource sites.
  2. look at industry association web sites
Sales Force
4 Recruit more sales personnel - more feet on the street
5 Revise sales territories to more manageable size
Current geographic territories lead to uneven work loads. Some areas are too heavily covered and others are too sparse. Define territories based on market potential.
6 Sales force training
Provide additional training opportunities for our new and existing sales people. Current training is out of date and some sales reps have not been fully trained in our new range of products.
  1. look at online training options
  2. View the training as a continuum over several months, with commitment to provide ongoing support for those who need it.
7 Create shared learning teams among sales reps across regions
Keep sales force sharing ideas amongst each other. Use online learning teams to enable collaboration and sharing of ideas and success stories.
  1. search for technology to support this.
Working with our Distributors
8 Bring distributors in for updated training on new product line
9 Offer new incentives
e.g., Distributor of the Month award.
10 Montly newsletter for distributors
Keeping them current on new products, sharing success stories and sales tips, keeping them motivated.
Current Customers
11 Monthly newsletter for our customers
Email format provides cost effective way of distributing this.
  1. Inform of special offers and new products/services.
  2. Featured customer of the month.
  3. Customer success stories - how our customers are using our products.
12 Online discussion forum - come meet other users of our products
Using online meeting tools (such as FacilitatePro!) to engage our customers in live discussion forums. Sharing ideas about how our products are being used.
  1. Question and answer session with our experts.
  2. Test these ideas out with some of our current customers.
  3. Send them an online survey to find out what agenda items they would be most intersted in.
  4. What is the purpose of this: To sell more to our current customers and provide an additional service that we can market to future customers.
Other Ideas
13 Revisit this question at least once a quarter -- keeping ideas current
  1. invite sales force to participate
  2. invite product development and training staff also
  3. have management provide direct feedback to participants about action items that have been taken as a result of the ideas generated.
  4. online meeting tools facilitate gathering, prioritizing and publishing of action plans (just as we are doing with this agenda)