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Customer Service Survey
Dealership: Gerry Damon Volvo
Location: Alameda, California

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1 How satisfied were you with your experience with our customer service overall?
2 How would you rate your interaction with the customer service representative who answered your call?
3 How would you rate the amount of time you had to wait before talking to a customer service representative?
A) Very short
B) Average
C) Too long
D) Much too long
4 Would you recommend our service department to family and friends?
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Yes  No 
5 Was your customer service representative competent and professional? Yes  No 
6 Was he/she timely in meeting your needs? Yes  No 
Which of the following describe your customer service representative?
11 Enthusiastic
12 Knowledgeable
13 Listened carefully
14 Able to resolve your problem and/or answer your question
15 Organized
16 Courteous
17 Other
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